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Answering Atlanta Clients’ Frequently Asked Questions About Private Duty Nursing

home nurse
Health Force Of Georgia has been in the business of providing professional medical service in Atlanta residences since 1986. If you have any private duty nursing questions, we have friendly and knowledgeable employees who you can turn to for answers to any home health care issue. These are some of the most frequently asked home health care questions we receive:
  • What is home health care?
    The purpose of this assistance is to help you regain your independence after facing an illness or injury. Medical professionals come to your household to assist you with the normal activities of daily life, rehabilitation exercises and other supporting services.
  • Who needs home health care?
    For some, the need for assistance happens suddenly, such as after surgery, illness or any other hospitalizations. Some other signs that private nursing might be needed are memory loss, social isolation, household tasks not being completed, difficulty dressing or showering, pain management, infusion therapy, and any physical health problem such as cancer or diabetes.
  • Why choose home health?
    Receiving private care in your own surroundings is a way to avoid placement in a nursing home or being hospitalized for poor management of a medical condition. It is also a great way to complete your recovery and get back into your normal routine.
  • What does “home” mean/where can I receive care?
    We can provide services anywhere that is considered a permanent residence. This includes apartments, condos, houses and assisted living facilities.

Trust the Home Care Professionals

We have more than three decades of experience providing the best private nursing care to Atlanta residents. If you have an in-home health care question or if you or someone you love could benefit from our personal and friendly services, contact us today by calling 561-882-1673.